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Z Auto was established in 1999, by Zoran Jankulovski, motivated by the need to provide a workshop that offers indelible quality and does everything under a single roof. We are a service driven company that offers nothing but professional workmanship and quality to the individual motorist and/or the fleet owner. Though we specialize in German vehicles, we do not limit ourselves to this paradigm. We also cater to all other vehicles from various makes, from all around the world and we focus on them with the same intensity and professionalism we use to service German cars. We use the latest and finely tuned Bosch diagnostic equipment which includes a Universal machine to suit and cater to all makes of vehicles. Since working within the Bosch network, we have gained the title – “Bosch Systems Technicians”.

It is important to use equipment and supplies with the very best quality. Oil is no exception. Many reasons for engine wear and failure is the use of poor quality motor oil and the lack of service. We take care of your car on both fronts with LIQUI MOLY who supply us with a wide range of oils, additives and cleaners. As our associates, you can trust that they will provide us with only the best consumables and products to suit your needs.

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